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Hi There!

Hmm where to start, by now you know my name and that I love experimenting with and breaking in new boy toys on camera. Even though my website is relatively new I’ve been online for quite a while. I started off doing webcam shows from my apartment a few years ago and then got some offers to do some modelling for a couple websites. Yeah yeah sucking dick on camera is considered modeling in my little world;-) After doing that for a bit I finally went ahead and created this website so I can do what I love and share it with the world.

I wasn’t always a little nympho. I grew up in a semi religious family, wasn’t all that interested in boys and was a pretty good student for a while. Then about halfway through high school I discovered the lengths boys would go to just touch a boob. I got a little adventurous but was still a bit of a tease, I’d kiss and let guys feel my up, stroke them over their pants but not do much more than that. I guess word was getting around and some of the guys would exaggerate what they did with me and I didn’t mind because at that time I was turning from a nerdy girl into a cool chick. I remember the exact moment I turned from tease to temptress. I was at a house party and this older somewhat popular guy started flirting with me and took me into the laundry/bathroom so we could fool around a bit. Well I learned pretty quickly the trouble my flirting and teasing could get me into, he was pushier then the guys who were just happy to be getting what I was giving, he took my clothes in a somewhat playful but aggressive manner and told me I’d get them back but had to do a few things first. It was the first time I sucked a dick and I would have probably lost my virginity if he didn’t cum in my mouth after just a few minutes of sucking. That was a big learning experience for me, I realized I liked being treated a little rough and being told what to do, it was actually a turn on. And that’s where it started, my grades started to slip lower, my skirts started to get pulled up higher, and I became very popular among the boys.

Over the next few years I became very sexually active and learned a lot about my likes, dislikes and my crazy sexual appetite. Fast forward to today and not much has changed l love giving up control and being a fuck puppet, having fun with new guys, exploring and experimenting!

I can go on forever about all my different experiences, likes, dislikes and views on the wonderful world of sex, but you probably want to check out some of my pictures and videos. Besides you can read all about that stuff on my blog.

So enjoy your stay and if you have any questions for me or just want to say hello you can pop into one of my many webcam shows or send me an email. Many so called “amateur sites” are run by big companies and just hire a model to shoot for it. My site is run by me, I answer all my mail and I love interacting with members, so don’t be shy!


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